Simply Sauteed Mushrooms

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  Sauteèd Mushrooms Mushrooms are one of the best side dishes you can serve with steak, chicken, and pork. With so many varieties of to choose from, you can please just about any taste bud that gathers at your table. ~Enjoy! 2 cups Baby bella mushrooms ((washed, patted dry, and slived 1" thick)) 2 TBS Extra virgin olive oil Zeis …

Godsource Foods™ 101: It’s Good to be Full of Mush!

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Mushrooms…some of my most favorite foods in the world! With a huge variety to choose from and the wonderful health benefits, it is truly hard to go wrong when choosing this amazing food! Did you know that penicillin is extracted from the mold of mushrooms? Putting that information into play, it just makes sense that mushrooms help in keeping us …

Stuffed Mushroom with Chicken & Spinach

Stuffed Mushrooms with Chicken & Spinach

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  Stuffed Mushrooms with Chicken & Spinach Mushrooms are disease fighters. This is your anti-inflammatory food which is necessary in fighting all diseases but especially important for healthy gut function. Okay, here comes one of my all time favorites, and yes, you get some cheese! 1 Large portobello mushroom ((Stem removed)) 5 Large black olives ((sliced)) 1/2 cup Dice tomato …