I am an all-natural chef who creates healthy food plans for those who are humbled by disease. I also passionately create healthy cuisine for those who crave a healthier lifestyle. Based on the foods that were created for us to feed our bodies from the very beginning, is the base for all my plans. Whether you are fighting a disease like cancer, heart disease, IBS, or obesity, this is where you want to be! If you love and crave all natural, Godsource Foods™ as I do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, then this is your place!  It's the combinations of the foods that fuel our bodies. Foods can kill, but it can also heal! I love educating people on how the simplest ingredients can power our bodies. After all, our bodies are the most amazing machines ever created! I'll teach you how to fuel it...naturally!


I work with different doctors, patients as well as athletes and those who strive for excellent health.



When you work with me, you are getting 34 years of food experience. Throughout the years, I have studied the combinations of foods and how they work in our bodies, studied food trends, worked with farmers, doctors, and educators. I have researched companies that I am excited about introducing you to as well as, showing you examples of why other companies don't hit the "health monitor" when it comes to my food. The average cost of a major health crisis is $100 thousand plus! Our plans are cost effective and set you up for a lifetime of health. Remember...It's NOT a diet...it's a LIFESTYLE!


I have studied foods and their combinations for over 15 years. Creating these healthy plans and disease fighting programs is my niche. The people that God has put before me to help is amazing! I don't know of a school or class that teaches the research and development I have developed. What I do know is that the results are incredible and life changing. God’s creation of plant based foods has always been my platform. I was cooking this way years before it was popular.  Learning about how foods effect our bodies is my passion. Teaching those who are just now understanding these rules is a delight! 

Anyone struggling with food issues would be most Blessed to have the opportunity to work with Chef Cathy.Julia R.


"I found out on June 29, 2016 that I had pancreatic cancer. I had the whipple procedure on July 1st. They sent me home from the hospital with a one-page release that said regular diet.  Everything I ate caused horrific pain. I remembered that the sweet lady who sits behind us in church is Chef Cathy...I texted her what was going on and she was by my side immediately. She cooked all my meals for nine weeks. I know that God put me in the pew in front of Cathy for this purpose. She knew exactly what I needed and taught me along the way to trust in God and follow her diet.  My husband and I believe in Cathy and love her spirit, her enthusiasm...really don't know how to convey how much you mean to me and what I think you did to help save me." Jae Garman, Jan. 12, 2017.

"By September 2015, I had lost 80 plus pounds and had eliminated all food items from daily food intake except for (7)-eggs, shrimp, salt, pepper, bacon, baked potato and, mayonnaise. I had reached this terrible place for my body and my health because there were just no foods that I could find that did not create serious issues for me every day.  My husband was frantic for my health as were my children who felt I had become a skeleton.  In early October I saw an ad and called Chef Cathy Zeis and we met to set a plan to turn my health around. Turning my health around is exactly what she has done!  Her amazing ability to understand correct combinations and nutritional needs and values has probably saved my life and my way of life.  After working with Chef Cathy we have increased my food choices to approximately 70 -- covering all food groups. I no longer look like a skeleton...and now, I have a healthy digestive system....Anyone struggling with food issues would be most Blessed to have the opportunity to work with Chef Cathy." Julia R.


Just contact us through email with your questions, health problems, or health goals and we'll get back to you to set up a personal, free consult! It’s that simple!


Feel free to connect with me here on LinkedIn, or drop me a line at chefcathyzeis@gmail.com.

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