Godsource Foods™ 101: It’s Good to be Full of Mush!

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Mushrooms…some of my most favorite foods in the world! With a huge variety to choose from and the wonderful health benefits, it is truly hard to go wrong when choosing this amazing food! Did you know that penicillin is extracted from the mold of mushrooms? Putting that information into play, it just makes sense that mushrooms help in keeping us healthy.



A great source for vitamin D, mushrooms are the winter’s sun. Vitamin D is critical to our health so munching on these gems is a flavorful way to keep the all important vitamin D in check. Mushrooms are also the only fruit or vegetable to have this super power vitamin so it is a good habit to keep them at the top of your grocery list. Not only do you get the sunshine vitamin with these guys, your bladder will thank you as well! Full of selenium, mushrooms help lower the risk of bladder cancer according to seven studies published in last year’s Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention.



Mushrooms also promote immune health and are loaded with antioxidants that fight those horrible free radicals that like to invade our bodies. Mushrooms are our warriors! Loaded with B vitamins as well, mushrooms will kick your metabolism up a notch by turning your food into fuel. And, they are low in calories! So whether you stuff a portobella, saute a shiitake, or grill a white button, mushrooms win a blue ribbon for healthy eats. What a champion food!


Until next time~Enjoy!

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