Scrambled Breakfast~ The Weight Loss Trifecta

Scrambled Breakfast~ The Weight Loss Trifecta

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  I know how hard it is to get the weight off and keep it off. Ever think that it can fall off with just getting out of bed? BREAK…FAST…it is EXACTLY that! Breaking the fast that you endure while you sleep is a sure fire way to push your natural weight loss trigger into the on position. How? Eat …

Godsource Foods™ 101: The Egg Comes First

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Eggs…one of God’s great foods! The poor egg got a bad scramble a few years back when it came to nutritional labels. Cholesterol is high in eggs but in today’s health guidelines, dietary cholesterol isn’t as big a deal anymore in healthy people, according to the U.S government guidelines that were revised in 2015. Full of lutein, a powerful nutrient …

Egg Salad a la Pimento

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  A great recipe for athletes because of the protein.  It is also wonderful for patients struggling with IBS.

Breakfast Hash

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Post-Workout Superfoods Omelet

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The power of protein! This hits all the right buttons after your muscle-building workout!