Godsource Foods™ 101: The Egg Comes First

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Eggs…one of God’s great foods! The poor egg got a bad scramble a few years back when it came to nutritional labels. Cholesterol is high in eggs but in today’s health guidelines, dietary cholesterol isn’t as big a deal anymore in healthy people, according to the U.S government guidelines that were revised in 2015. Full of lutein, a powerful nutrient found in eggs that are imperative to good eye health, eggs are an easy way to keep macular degeneration at bay. According to the American Macular Degeneration Foundation, eggs are one of the many foods that may prevent this blinding disease from developing.

Eggs are also a main source of protein for those wanting to build powerful, lean muscle. Containing almost 6.5 grams of protein, eggs are an inexpensive way to build muscle without dropping a bunch of money on already made protein shakes. Plus, they help you fill fuller longer because of the awesome protein component.

Want to shed a few pounds? Grab an egg! With about 80 calories per egg, the total calorie intake is a lot less versus a biscuit or breakfast roll. And, you can add just about any kind of meat of vegetable to eggs. So go ahead and poach, boil, and scramble. Because when it comes to eggs, you have some unbelievable health benefits just waiting for you to crack open! Good one..I know!

Until next time~Enjoy!

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