Godsource Foods™ 101: The Great Pumpkin

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PumpkinCreating a healthier digestive system

IBS…what a pain in the…well, you know! And, it is a true problem for so many people in this country. Irritable bowl syndrome is one of the most frustrating problems I come across when working with those humbled by chronic diseases. As an all natural chef, it is important for me to understand the passions of my clients and the certain needs and concerns that they have when it comes to food. IBS has always intrigued me as a chef. Fortunately, I am blessed with an iron stomach and so I have no way of truly knowing what it feels like to “fight with my food.”  But working and teaching those that do suffer the horrors of IBS have taught me some really easy and simple tricks over the years, when it comes to calming the storm of the stomach.


Pumpkin is one of those magical Godsource Foods™. Pumpkin is full of fiber so it helps in the area of constipation which so often happens to those with a yucky gut. It also helps in the opposite arena when suffering from diarrhea by absorbing water. The awesome fiber keeps you fuller longer and slows digestion so it soothes the tummy.  Low in fat and calories, pumpkin is packed full of beta carotene and other antioxidants that help keep our guts healthy. So, it’s not just for pie after all!


The simple tricks I’ve perfected over the years comes in when adding other foods and spices to the one core ingredient like pumpkin. Combinations of foods is what I really love to teach when discussing foods and healthy meal plans with doctors and other professionals in the health field. A nutritionist is known for telling a patient what to eat. Doctors seem to be the ones that tell us why we need to eat certain foods. I take the telling of what and why and show the person how to eat. I complete the triangle, so to speak.


Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie

Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie

When you have a great fiber source like pumpkin, it is important to put a protein with it for ultimate health benefits. Suffering from IBS can be a challenge here, but like I said, I have some tricksto share! Some IBS sufferers tend to be lactose intolerant, which means their gut can’t handle the fat and casein in the milk. So, using SILK almond-coconut milk is a tasty way to get the protein without the pain that milk can cause on these sensitive tummies. Coconut helps keep your system regulated and is a natural enemy to the yeast that lives in our digestive system. Keeping the yeast under control with coconut keeps the gut happy. 


Combining foods is a great way to create a healthy gut, if you pay attention to how these foods react in our bodies. Staying on top of IBS and paying attention to what foods trigger that stormy sea in the gut is an ongoing battle that I love fighting, One Bite at a Time.


Please check out my Pumpkin-Coconut Smoothie in the video section of my website and on the recipe page. And don’t forget to order my new book, One Bite at a Time…Everyday Meal Plans for Fighting Cancer, Heart Disease, IBS, Obesity, and Other Ailments. Available on Amazon.


Until next time ~ keep it healthy!

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