The beautiful collage with the Golden Bear's glove and other memorabilia!

Helping Hands Charity of the Month: Jack Nicklaus

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I LOVE golf! We grew up in my family on the golf course, so to speak.  We went to the country club with my grandfather, watched it on television, and followed my older brother around Texas while he played in junior tournaments.  These are some of my favorite life memories!  Heck, I still have the original golf clubs my grandfather, Dada, gave me as an 8 year old.  What a great game!  It is also the only game that you can play your entire life, surrounded by  some of the most beautiful creations from God in some of the most amazing places in the world!  Plus, some of the greatest athletes you will ever have the privilege of watching are usually at arms length at any given moment throughout tournaments played all around the globe.  Name another sport where you can actually be walking on the same playing field as your favorite sport’s hero!  Well… you can’t!

The first time I walked up the fairway to watch The Golden Bear hit an 8 iron was at the Westchester Country Club in New York back in the late 70’s.  Seeing this amazing golfer in person for the first time is something I will never forget!  What a talent. More importantly, what an incredible human being!

Mr. Jack Nicklaus is considered the greatest golfer to ever swing a driver. And why not, with a record-setting 18 majors?  I honestly do not think that, in my lifetime, I will see that record broken.  I had the pleasure of watching him play golf at several tournaments over the years, but my favorite will always be the Colonial in Ft. Worth, Texas in 1983, when he was defending his title as the champion.  I was blessed to walk out of the gates on that perfect Sunday afternoon with The Golden Bear’s glove now on MY hand!  Today, that glove is encased in a beautiful collage (pictured below) with other memorabilia that I treasure from that very special week.

The beautiful collage with the Golden Bear's glove and other memorabilia!

As I pursue my purpose in educating people around the globe about Godsource Foods™ through my website, it is an honor to have Mr. Nicklaus as our Helping Hands charity of the month.  Through their incredible generosity, Jack and Barbara Nicklaus have created Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation (NCHCF) “which provides families access to world-class pediatric care.”

With the Nicklaus family and organization being an example as how one should use the platform given them, it is our great honor to help raise monies through our book sales, speaking engagements, and cooking classes for the month of May here at for this life-changing charity.  I encourage you to click the link below, to see just how your gift can change the lives of children. We thank you for your support and prayers.
Until next time – Tee It Up!

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