Godsource Foods™ 101: Garlic

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Stinky Garlic that is Oh, So Good!
When God created our foods, He definitely knew what He was doing when He linked foods to our health. Think about it? Look at garlic. It is shaped exactly like our cells. Garlic goes back to as far as we can trace and now know, that garlic is a powerful cancer and heart disease fighting agent! Garlic is your super hero when it comes to fighting disease. The sulfur compounds found in garlic help us fight these diseases. Loaded in antioxidants, garlic is also strong in B vitamins, folate (especially important for woman of childbearing age, ) and vitamin C, just to mention a few.
The wonderful aroma of garlic is something I love to have hover in my kitchen. It is a well used ingredient in most everything I cook. From sauteed veggies to roasted chicken, garlic is my go-to spice when cooking for those humbled by disease as well. Keeping your digestion in healthy balance is a must so a healthy dose of this ancient spice is a must to maintain good health and fight off disease. 
Until next time...~Enjoy!   

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