Godsource Foods™ 101: Bananas

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Why do I eat a banana upside down?
Have you ever watched a monkey eat a banana? Hmmm...ever notice that they turn it upside down to eat it? This is one of the most requested presentations I do when I tour my "Eat Like the Rainbow (TM)" series for kids! First of all, kids love monkeys but they are also curious on why eating a banana upside down makes a difference in the texture? Why is that? Well...the reason is that you don't get any of the strings that line the banana peel on the inside. Cool, uh?
When you eat a banana the way that most people do, you know, pull it from the bunch, stem side up, peel and eat, you get the strings from the inside of the peel. Come on, you know what I'm talking about! I remember watching my son make a "yuck" face when he'd encounter the banana strings. So, one day while watching a show on monkeys with my son, I noticed that they turned the banana upside down before they ate it. My son really watched this intently, so we tried it! Ta-da! No strings attached! I was floored and felt rather stupid at the same time! But I was also fascinated by the fact that just simply turning the banana over could literally make all the difference in getting rid of the "yuck" face from my son. Awww...the simple things in life are such a blessing! Try it. It is impressive!'s some healthy insider scoop on why bananas should be a part of your lifestyle on a weekly basis and why you too, need to give 'em to those little eaters!
~They are inexpensive.
No need to buy organic...the peeling in the perfect protector.

~Heart healthy to the max!
Full of potassium, these guys can help lower your blood pressure which helps lower heart disease. Magnesium is also found in this flavorful fruit which also is important in keeping your heart healthy.

~Protect your muscles
The potassium also keeps your muscles from cramping during the night or after a workout.

~Digestion help
Naturally detoxifies your gut because of the pectin and fiber bananas hold.

The good stuff that promotes the good bacteria to grow in your gut
Until next time...Enjoy~

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