Godsource Foods™ 101: Nice Melons!

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Nice Melons!
Lose weight, lower blood pressure, fight dehydration, fight cancer, heart attack prevention, and that's just a few reasons to love melons! According to invorma.com, "the healthy compound inside a melon is recently discovered for curing cancer and heart attacks."

Loaded with water and collagen, melons are fantastic for your skin! If you are trying to drop a few pounds, then melons should be your "go to" foods to help you fill fuller, longer. Low in calories and fat, melons will be your best friend when fighting that unwanted fat. Consuming fresh fruit has for years been known to help in the cancer fight. But did you know that the high amount of carotenoid inside the melon is breast cancer's worst enemy? So next time someone says nice melons, say thanks! They are after all, your breast cancer shield in the healthiest way!
Until next time...~Enjoy!

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