Godsource Foods™ 101: Grapes

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Godsouce Foods 101:
Bite It or Sip IT... Healthy Heart and Cancer Attacker!
Ever hold up a bunch of grapes and really look at them? Try it next time you are in the grocery store or the farmer's market. Grapes are an amazing, versatile sweet treat that will slap your heart into shape. When it comes to this heart healthy fruit, these guys take the trophy! Grapes hang from a vine just like your heart hangs in your chest. Grapes are also home to polyphenols. These are the powerful antioxidants God put in these guys so that they can help prevent several types of cancer like mouth, pancreatic, prostate, lung, and colon. Eating grapes on a regular basis as part of your healthy lifestyle will set you up with an army of great disease defenses.
The magical skin of the grape contains the resveratrol known for the heart healthy component found in wine. Recent studies found on PubMed.com also stats that red wine helps in oral health. Grapes, storing these free radicals fighters, also have shown to lower cholesterol, help with indigestion, and treat constipation. So whether you Bite IT or Sip It, grapes are a must in any healthy lifestyle!

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