GodSource™ Foods 101: Full IS NOT Fueled

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“For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving. 1 Timothy 4:4.

…Ahhh…the feeling of Thanksgiving.  We all know that feeling.  Too full to breathe or do anything else but find a place to nap or slouch in a comfortable chair and watch the game.  We even continue to eat way after out stomach says “enough!”  Looking at the verse above, we see that everything created by God is good and should be received with a thankful heart.  Turkey, dressing, peas, mashed potatoes, gravy and the list just keeps going.  Just because we gave thanks for the bounty, does it really check all the boxes it needs to for keeping the body fueled? When the plate of anticipation is empty, are you really fueled or just full?

I use the Thanksgiving feast as an example of just how out of control we can be with food!  Obesity…off the charts! Childhood diabetes…HUGE problem!  And when did it become the norm to set our palates to sweet?  I hate to be the troll under the lollipop bridge, but our palates are not suppose to only taste sugary foods!

Our bodies are incredible machines!  No other creation has abilities like us humans.  We can heal amazingly quickly from injury or sickness. We can lose weight by just decreasing a few calories a day.  We can strengthen our hearts by walking around the block and we can change the dynamics of our bodies by what and how we eat.

“…take of the best fruits in the land…a little balm, and a little honey, spices and myrrh, nuts and almonds.” Genesis 43:11

Over the past several years to my delight, we have learned what people for centuries have known…those foods that come from a plant, not made in one, are best for us!  I stole a variation of that saying from Pastor Rick Warren and it rings so true.  As I have stated in my videos, books, speeches, and articles before, why in the wide, wide world of food would we eat anything that we can’t pronounce?  Much of the foods today are packed with so much crap that it fools our bodies into believing that it’s “full.”  Then an hour later because we didn’t give our “machines” the right mix of oil and gas, we start eating all over again, trying to satisfy the craving our brain is telling us to fulfill.  Please do not think that I believe we should go back and start eating like we did over a hundred years ago.  The safety caps and technology that have been developed are an enormous help in the food industry.  In fact, they are invaluable.  But the basic concept of foods and the preparation of those foods are once again enticing and it is thrilling to me to see the new generation take hold.

The idiot light is a mainstay in our cars and trucks. Low on fuel…it goes off!  God gave us an idiot light too!  Feeling hungry, light headed, short tempered?  These are all idiot lights, so to speak, to let us know “it is time to fill the tank!”  Fill it with soft drinks, chips, and cake and you will fill full.  However, you are NOT fueled!  There is not one thing in that scenario that your body needs to stay healthy and keep going.  Where’s the vitamin K for your brain?  Not in the cake.  How about protein that is imperative for muscle strength and growth?  Won’t find that in chips.  What?  No fiber or antioxidants needed for a great digestion and fighting disease?  Not found in a soft drink I assure you.  Eating the foods that you can pronounce is a simple way to start fueling.  Peel it, not open it.  Grill it, don’t drive through and grab it!  Toss it instead of unwrapping it.  Adapting these few tricks will start you on the road to a trip that is full grade fuel for your body!

Until next time~Enjoy!

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