GodSource Foods™ 101: A Mineral Similar to Arsenic Is Actually Good For You

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Why we need something with similarities to arsenic to stay healthy

SeleniumWhat?  Yep…that’s correct.  With the symbol Se on the periodic table, this nonmetal, chemical element is a major player in our health.  Any guesses?  The atomic number of 34 might help.  No?  Not to worry, I wasn’t the best at chemistry either, but it is important to understand that selenium is an extremely vital mineral to our bodies.   How does it relate to Arsenic?   It has an interrelationship, where Arsenic protects against Selenium toxicity, and vice-versa because of similar chemical properties.  They are both carcinogens and anti-carcinogens.

In addition, Selenium is a free radical fighter. You know, the bad guys that invade our cells and play havoc with our good health. In that battle, selenium is our hero!  It works as a powerful antioxidant with defense against damage caused by free radicals.  It also helps keep inflammation at bay, a key component in disease development.  Want a healthier metabolism?  Then this is your winner!  Trying to get pregnant?  You guessed it…selenium to the rescue!  Fertility help for both men and woman.  Cognitive function, a healthy immune system, cardiovascular support, thyroid help and the list just keeps going with this impressive trace mineral our awesome bodies possess.


So where can we find this amazing mineral?  Godsource Foods™ of course!  Brazil nuts are at the top of the mountain for this one.  Consuming only 6 to 8 Brazil nuts will give you over 100% of the daily value your body needs.  Yellowfin Tuna, Grass-Fed Beef, Turkey, Chicken, Eggs, Spinach, and most fruits and vegetables according to the Global Healing Center are where we’ll find this astonishing mineral.

So grill a 3 ounce grass-fed steak while chopping on a few Brazil nuts, and watch your health light up the periodic table.  Until next time~Enjoy

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