Cabbage! It looks like a brain, but tastes much better!

Godsource 101™ – It May Look Like a Brain…

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But it tastes a heck of a lot better! Cabbage!  Cut a head of cabbage in half and see just how much it resembles a picture of your brain!  God shows us what foods to eat for different parts of our bodies, and the cabbage is a perfect example of what I am talking about!  Cabbage is one of our oldest veggies and it scores off the charts when it comes to health benefits.  Most of us think of cabbage in an old time garden with rabbits eating to their delight.  The only time we seem to notice the red or green ball of health is when we hit the end of the produce isle in the grocery store because that is where this inexpensive gem is usually found.

Besides being a superfood for your bones, this cruciferous vegetable is home to the superstar of vitamins for your brain…vitamin K.  This essential vitamin is the great equalizer when it comes to regulating calcium in the ‘ol thinker.  According to, “Studies have shown that the role vitamin K plays in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia is considerably great.” 

Why, you might ask? Well, vitamin K creates a protective shield, so to speak, that keeps the nerve endings from getting damaged from free radicals and other harmful intruders that can cause brain disease. Cabbage is also loaded with nutrients that help us to concentrate and stay focused. A must in this fast-paced world.

Cabbage! It looks like a brain, but tastes much better!

Sauteed cabbage is my favorite! It goes well with fish, chicken or pork.  Red cabbage is best as it carries even more of the awesome nutrients that will help you fight off just about anything and help keep your immune system at it’s peak. So next time you have foggy focus or can’t seem to concentrate on the task at hand, do like the rabbits in the gardens do and eat your cabbage! Your brain will thank you for it!

Until next time – Enjoy!

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