Dragon Fruit is a fighter!

Godsource 101™ – Dragon Fruit

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No fire breathing from this crazy looking fruit, but it will crank up the heat on your metabolism.  Dragon Fruit is a power packed ball of goodness in so many areas of health.  This exotic super-fruit not only helps speed up your metabolism with the proteins that it offers, but it is also a delicious tropical superstar when it comes to lowering cholesterol, boosting our immune system, and fending off the growth of fungal and bacterial infections.  Dragon Fruit is a fighter!
Dragon Fruit is a fighter!
High in fiber, this South American fruit will be your best friend when it comes to digestion concerns.  Known for its cancer-fighting properties, Dragon Fruit helps the body smoothly transition foods through your digestive tract, which helps stimulate the bowel, therefore releasing toxins that try to formulate in your system.  According to Home Natural Remedy Cures, “This means that you will have decreased chances of getting some kinds of diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constipation and serious diseases such as colorectal cancer.”
Vitamins are also packed into this beautiful, spiky fruit.  Full of vitamin C and B vitamins 1, 2, and 3, Dragon Fruit naturally keeps your cholesterol at lower levels.  It also keeps your skin glowing, and because it is loaded with antioxidants and carotene, a natural cancer fighter, your immune system will be more powerful than ever!  Godsource Foods™ is the all natural way to go when it comes to getting the “must-haves” for your health.  Naturally cholesterol-free, this amazing fruit will help in the fight of heart disease as well!  Wow….who knew something so funky looking could not only taste amazing, but would have such a positive impact on our health?
Dragon Fruit…nothing to be afraid of…but a sure fire way to keep it healthy!
Until next time – Enjoy!

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