Avocado, asparagus, tomatoes & more

Chef Cathy’s Words of Wisdom on Healthy Done Right

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Avocado, asparagus, tomatoes & moreI am very excited about this platform that my Lord has provided me to not only enlighten you about the food trends in the eating world, but hopefully, will guide you to being more creative in your own kitchen, as well as, helping you become more food savvy about eating healthy!


Throughout the website, I will share with you recipes that I developed over the years, as well as, some of my favorite do’s and don’ts of the kitchen. You will soon see that my food is not complicated, but rather simple, tasty, inexpensive, and sometimes even elegant. My goal here is to help you as a reader to become more informed about the food we eat and to help you establish an easier side of cooking healthy, life changing foods. With that being said, let’s get started!


Today…healthy eating is easy!


I have people ask me all the time, “who sets the eating trends today?” Believe it or not, it is the fifty plus crowd that turned us onto a healthier diet. How? It’s called the “empty nest change.” The fifty plus crowd awakened us as a society about 8 to 10 years ago to the healthy eating style. Even though healthy eating has been a fad to select groups for years, the healthy eating trend started to explode several years ago because the fifty plus crowd, the ones with more disposable income, started looking around and realizing something…it is finally time to start taking care of me! The kids are off to college, getting married, starting their careers and families, so now what do I do with all this extra time on my hands they asked? Well, get healthy. If you notice as you walk your local grocery stores, the food manufacturers listened.


Today…healthy eating is easy! Most of the lettuce is pre-washed for you, celery is stringed, sliced, and individually bagged. Three of the healthiest vegetables, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots are bagged and ready for steaming in your microwave. Stemmed vegetables in four minutes? Yes, it’s that easy. Fruits? Apples are now washed, sliced, and ready to eat at first craving. Even fast food restaurants have taken up the healthy baton. Low-fat menus for adults and kids alike are now a mainstay at our nation’s largest fast food chains. Even if you’re in the car all day, your excuse for not being able to eat right has just sped down the bad eating habit highway. So jump on board with the fifty plus crowd and follow their trends. As a chef, I’m thankful to them. As a food manufacturer, I applaud them, but as a Mom, I praise them for helping the nation wake up to healthy eating. Until next time…enjoy!

Chef Cathy’s Do’s & Don’ts for the Kitchen


  • Always use unsalted butter. Period!
  • Extra virgin olive oil is great for your heart and overall health.  Exodus 27:20 tell us that this is the purest oil! And you shall command the children of Israel, that they bring you pure olive oil beaten for the light to burn always. Dark green is the color you’re looking for. Remember…more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better!
  • Pure vanilla, not imitation vanilla…EVER!


  • Try to stay away from iceberg lettuce. The nutritional value in this type of lettuce is equivalent to cardboard.
  • Throw out the margarine! It is one step above plastic. Enough said!
  •  No table salt! Ever! It’s sodium chloride!

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